Use Multiple Credit Cards To Save More Money On Gas

Posted on September 9th, 2011 by Tim Parker

If you want to save more money on gas, consider using multiple credit cards. You can take advantage of all the benefits of each card. Once you reach the rewards limit of one card switch to using your another credit card.

The best deal were if you could find one credit card that could give you high cash back rates with no limit. Unfortunately these cards are rare. Once you reach the rebate limit or the introductory period expires, the cash back percentage goes down. Before you enjoyed a 5% gas rebate and then the card only gives you 1% back. Most people would just keep using the credit card out of habit or don’t realize that they are steadily losing money.

Who says you can’t use more than one rebate credit card? Don’t settle low rebate percentage. Once the credit card company lowers your rebate percentage, switch to another card that haven’t reached the limit yet. Following this strategy could give you much more money back.

Before you get confused with multiple credit cards, spend some time to read each credit card’s terms and conditions. The difficult part is that each credit card has its own formula for earning rewards. Most gas rebate credit cards start with high cash rebate percentages and the rebate goes down once you reached a certain limit. General cash rebate credit cards tend to be the exact opposite. Those cards start with a low cash back percentage that increases when you actively use the card. That type of credit card should be used solely.

Some gas stations even offer their own credit cards, but the disadvantage with these cards is that they are only applicable at their gas station. However, take the offer and simply use a different rewards card if you tank gas elsewhere. When the gas station attendant asks for your rebate card, be proud to show them your card and be one of the few who save money when buying gas.

When you reading through the terms and conditions of the credit card look out for phrases like ‘minimum total purchase for rebate eligibility’. There are a few cards that will only give you rebates after you spend a large amount of money. Plan your spending strategy and find out which credit cards work good together. Don’t forget to pay off the cards in time to avoid high interest rates.

Each gas rebate credit card is different. So to really save money on gas, your strategy should be to use the best credit card for each purchase, even if that means owning multiple credit cards. If your credit card doesn’t always give you the best deal, do something about it. Don’t be afraid to add another credit card to your wallet.

Compare the best cashback credit cards and then apply online. If you spend a lot on gas, you might want to consider a gas reward credit card.

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