Proposal for Skill Deployment Program in Pakistan

The Chairman
Higher Education Commission,
Islamabad, Pakistan
Date: 16 June 2007
Subject: Proposal for Skill Deployment Program
Dear Sir,
My name is Muhammad Samiullah. I just complete my MBA from COMSATS University with major in marketing and Entrepreneurial concepts.I am writing to send you a proposal to start a “skill deployment program” for educating Pakistani people. The summary of this Proposal is on second page. This program will enhance management, entrepreneurial, professional, financial, technical, mechanical, engineering skills and contribute to the development of Pakistan and Ummah-e-Muslimah. I hope you will do it because you can. I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Regards,
Muhammad Samiullah

Media always play very important role in educating the people and generating the point of view. Unfortunately now a days our media educating the people in four directions life style, politics, Movies and Drama. As a result our most population is habitual for movies, dramas, and has great knowledge of movies rather than skills, every body can discuss about politics because they hear, watch, and do the politics all the time and the same with movies. These things are not the basic needs of Pakistan. The need of Pakistan is skill. This is lacking in all communicating and advertising Medias. Skill learning is too much difficult in Pakistan, if someone wants to learn any thing; he has to go to institution and just hear and read without practical and has to pay against it. Some channels are already working in this area like National Geographic channel of India, BBC Prime, Career Online on Geo, and number of health programs on different channels. You should start a new channel or change existing channel (PTV) with a complete solution to train the people and to change the overall direction of our media. The major objective of the channel should be the education of our people. You will receive maximum sponsors for this program. The few areas are here as a sample. These samples are just the overview and in short words.
Introduction to management, basic rules of management, advantages of management, functions of management, decision making etc. and also how to manage the work activities in office, own business, or at home, team management etc. How to find out the opportunity, analysis of the opportunity, business plan, starting a business, financing and marketing a businessIntroduction to marketing, how to market your business, branding, labeling, product quality, how to market a service businessIntroduction to research, how to conduct a research, business research etcIn language section you should teach the people that how easy the English language is. The basics of English language, Business language, Daily usage language, national English learning programElectrical training, safety from electrical instruments, repairing of electrical instruments, manufacturing, electric production, Board making etcAdvantages of transportation, uses of transportation, types of transportation, manufacturing, service of vehicles, safety of vehicles, repairing etcFeasibility reports, map design, architecture, programs used in architecture, designing.Introduction to call centre, purpose of call centre, advantages of call centre, establishment of call centre, training for call centre, testimonials from call centreAdvantages of agriculture, methods of agriculture, equipments of agriculture, how to improve the agriculture outputIntroduction to computer, how to connect computer hardware, usages of computer, computer training, software developmentWhat is teaching, how to teach, training of teachers, who should be a teacher, trials of different teachers, teaching methods etc. Usages of communication, types of communication, mediums of communication, business communication, how to improve the communication and skills required for communicationEntertainment movies, scientific movies, environmental movies, business movies, special focus moviesHouse repairing, mobile repairing, vehicle repairing, electrical equipments repairingUsages of leather, processing of leather, establishment of small leather units, goods making from leather, sale of the leather Introduction to textile sector, processes and operations in textile, how to establish a small textile unit, how to knit, weave, dye, cutting and stitching, finishing, finishing methods etc. How to sale the textile products and where to sale the textile products, how to contact with buying houses etc What is budgeting, purpose of the budget, functions of the budget, methods of budgeting, consultancy in budgeting, house budgeting, travel budgeting etc. What is school, purpose and functions of school, how to spend a day in school, study in school, study after school, exam preparation, practical preparation, career counseling, games at school, preparation for the school, dressing for the schoolConstruction planning, methods of construction, precaution measures for construction, designing, raw material planning, consultancy, and training for constructionHow to improve the environment, how to deal with different environmental changesAdvantages of tourism, planning for tourism, learning with tourism, international tourism, budget planning for tourismHow to train the office staff, hiring, firing, evaluation, compensation, office attitude, how to motivate the staff, how to deal with subordinates, how to improve your efficiency, how to lead a team, etcAdvantages of games, methods of different games, international scope, career scopeAdvantages of security, types of security, security equipments
Hundreds of other areas are available to discuss and can be include in this program. This is a much better way to improve our society by convincing the people to start their own entrepreneurial ventures. Start leaning of skills rather than politics. Students go to their schools and do learn nothing and come back just after wasting their time because there is no motivation. Teachers do not motivate the students they just go to school fulfill the formality and come back. Most of the people join teaching because of unemployment and has minor knowledge of teaching profession. In this way we can provide leaning facility to all the Pakistanis. Our government has started this program at micro level in computing and some other sectors but doing nothing nationwide for skill development and a lay man cannot avail this opportunity because it has some cost. All developed nations have done this. I hope you will think on it. I will be thankful to you.You can contact with me for more information and details.

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