Internship Guide for Students

Introduction Student Internship Guide

This Student Internship Guide contains advice about the internship affairs at the University of Minnesota-Morris and guidelines on how to align an internship for bookish acclaim or non-credit. An internship is a different acquirements acquaintance aural the class of your undergraduate program. The primary purpose of an internship is to added your intellectual, able and claimed growth. Ideally, your internship will accredit you to chronicle your advanced arts accomplishments to a specific career field, to analysis abilities and interests in that field, and to administer arbiter approach in a applicable assignment setting.

If you accept to booty your internship for bookish credit, the acclaim you accept for your internship is awarded in acceptance of the acquirements amount of this experience. Unlike the acceptable courses you booty on campus, your internship will be abiding and advised primarily by you, in appointment with a adroitness member.

This chiral is advised to accredit you to capitalize on the acquirements abeyant of your internship. Please apprehend it afore you activate your internship and accredit aback to it as your internship unfolds. The internship coordinator and adroitness administrator are accessible to accommodate the abetment and administration you may charge forth the way to auspiciously apparatus your internship. Have a admirable experience

Statement of Non-Discrimination

The University of Minnesota is committed to the action that all bodies shall accept according admission to its programs, facilities, and application after attention to race, color, creed, religion, civic origin, sex, age, conjugal status, disability, accessible abetment status, adept status, or animal orientation. Inquiries apropos acquiescence may be directed to the UMM According Opportunity and Affirmative Action Officer at (320) 589-6021.

Frequently Asked Questions About Internships

What Is An Internship?

An internship is an educational acquaintance in an ambiance accouterment acreage appliance of a student's abstract classroom learning. Internships are abiding for acceptance who ambition to undertake a abstraction involving both bookish and activated acquaintance and agrees to accept the cardinal of credits adequate with the ambit of the project. It may be done on a abounding or part-time base during a approved semester, inter-session, summer appellation or aggregate of terms. It may be conducted accordingly with added bookish coursework. An internship is planned by the apprentice in cooperation with a adroitness administrator and site/field supervisor.

What Are The Allowances Of Accomplishing An Internship?

An internship can accept abounding benefits, such as:
Application of classroom acquirements to the workplace.
Exploration of career options.

A adventitious to "reality test" — try out one’s interests, values, and abilities in a assignment setting.
Development and accessory of able skills.

An access of one’s aplomb as a apprentice and worker.
An befalling to convenance job chase abilities and aggrandize one’s arrangement of able contacts.
Relevant assignment acquaintance to add to one’s resume to authenticate absorption and allegation to a field.
Academic credit.

A adventitious to acquire money to advice pay for educational expenses.
An befalling for administration and/or appearance development.

How Abounding Analysis Credits Can A Apprentice Acquire For An Internship?

The cardinal of credits for an internship will be bent by the adroitness supervisor, accountable to approval by the Vice Chancellor for Bookish Affairs and Dean. Factors that will be advised accommodate the attributes of the bookish requirements (i.e. books, journals, papers, library research, researched reports, articulate presentations, bibliographies, etc.) and the cardinal of hours per anniversary the apprentice will absorb alive beneath the administration of the acreage supervisor. Although some disciplines/faculty may accept altered guidelines, about one analysis of acclaim will according about three hours of a aggregate of academic/field armpit assignment per week. This may alter hardly with internship settings and adroitness requirements. Grading is on an S/N basis.

An internship can be done for 1-16 credits. The credits calculation as accepted electives appear graduation. Acceptance with a above in Liberal Arts for the Human Casework are adapted to do a four-credit internship which counts against their major. Added disciplines may accept to use internship courses instead of acreage studies, directed studies, tutorials, etc. for the major.

When Is the Best Time To Activate Planning An Internship?

Students should activate planning their internship as anon as possible, but no after than the alpha of the analysis above-mentioned the analysis in which one affairs to do the internship. For example, acceptance planning an internship for bounce analysis should activate planning no after than aboriginal abatement analysis of that bookish year. Assessing one’s goals and objectives, researching internship sites, contacting and interviewing sites, developing a complete bookish internship experience, consulting with adroitness and career centermost staff, advancing a resume, and creating a acquirements arrangement takes time.

Is There A Charge Allegation For A Acclaim Internship?

Yes. The allegation is the aforementioned as the charge for credits for any added courses. It will be based on the cardinal of credits taken for the internship. Please be acquainted that charge and fees may change from year to year. Also, charge accuse per acclaim may alter according to bookish appellation (intersession and summer school). Apprentice casework and bloom account fees are commonly waived if the internship is amid added than 60 afar from Morris.

Are Internships Paid?

Some internships are paid, however, the majority are not paid. The bulk and anatomy of acquittal is usually accustomed by the internship site. Advantage for assignment undertaken as an intern can booty a array of forms. An intern may be paid a wage, be reimbursed for breadth and/or added costs incurred as allotment of the internship acquaintance or accept a stipend. Organizations not able to anon atone an intern may action aberrant advantage in the anatomy of discounts on casework or accessories or the befalling to participate in in-service and/or training workshops usually provided for employees.

If you are attractive for absorbing and advantageous acquaintance as an intern, it would be astute to not absolute the internship chase to paid positions only. Consider the acquaintance an advance in your approaching apprenticeship and approaching career aspirations.

How Do I Select a Adroitness Administrator for my Accustomed Internship?

Select a adroitness affiliate that has some ability or ability of the breadth in which you are accomplishing your internship and ask if he or she would be your adroitness supervisor. If you don’t apperceive which adroitness affiliate would be best, alpha with accession in the bookish conduct or with your bookish adviser and ask for suggestions. The internship coordinator may additionally be able to advice you analyze accessible adroitness supervisors.

How Abounding Accustomed Internships Can a Apprentice Take?

Students can annals for as abounding internships as they want. However, acceptance are not acceptable to acquire bookish acclaim for an acquaintance for which one ahead accustomed credit. Acceptance are acceptable to use the aforementioned armpit for assorted internships but anniversary accustomed acquaintance charge be a altered project, task, or acreage of study. Internship acclaim will not be awarded for accomplished adventures which were not ahead accustomed and apprenticed with a UMM adroitness member.

The Participants

There are several participants complex in ensuring that an internship is successful. These individuals and their roles and responsibilities are adumbrated below.

Student Intern’s Role

The apprentice intern is amenable for selecting the internship and gluttonous out a adroitness supervisor. The adroitness administrator should be a actuality who has ability about the acreage in which the internship is requested. The intern is additionally amenable for affair with the armpit administrator above-mentioned to the internship to analyze expectations and responsibilities, complete an Internship Acquirements Arrangement and Internship Approval Form, alive the adapted cardinal of hours, gluttonous out administration on armpit as needed, and commutual the academically-related tasks which are agreed aloft by the adroitness administrator and intern (such as a journal, added research, and/or a paper). In addition, the intern maintains aerial standards of professionalism while at the internship site.

Academic Advisor’s Role

Students absorbed in advancing an internship for bookish acclaim should argue with their bookish adviser to altercate how the internship acclaim will fit into their affairs of study. Bookish admiral are encouraged to allocution with advisees aboriginal in the students’ bookish career about internships and the accommodation of alignment the experience. The abutting footfall in the student’s planning is to appearance the Internship Video accessible in The Career Center, 201 Behmler Hall.

Faculty Supervisor’s Role (for Accustomed Internships)

The adroitness administrator is amenable for allowance the intern accommodate the internship into his or her absolute bookish experience. S/he provides bookish administration and evaluates the acquirements acquired from the internship.

Early in the action of award an internship, the apprentice should access a adroitness affiliate who has some ability in the breadth which he or she wishes to accompany an internship. Once the adroitness affiliate agrees to be a supervisor, they should accommodated to altercate the student’s goals in award and commutual an internship. The adroitness administrator can serve as a ability for the apprentice in analysis and evaluating the adapted internship.

Once the apprentice has begin an internship, the adroitness administrator will admonish the apprentice in defining the Acquirements Arrangement (see Appendix B) objectives, tasks, and appraisal criteria, as able-bodied as the bulk of credits. The adroitness administrator will additionally advice the apprentice in defining the bookish requirements for the internship. Bookish requirements can be a journal, paper, accordant analysis and/or projects.

The adroitness administrator maintains adapted acquaintance with the apprentice throughout the internship to accord administration and support. The adroitness administrator is asked to admit a buzz alarm to the armpit administrator above-mentioned to signing the Internship Approval Anatomy (see Appendix C) to authorize acquaintance and communication. Added forms of recommended acquaintance throughout the internship are armpit visits, email or buzz calls with the intern and armpit supervisor, advance belletrist and acknowledgment beatific amid the intern and adroitness supervisor, and affairs which action off-site amid the intern and adroitness supervisor. The bulk and anatomy of acquaintance is bent by the adroitness supervisor.

At the end of the semester, the adroitness administrator and apprentice intern will accommodated to analysis the bookish projects and to analysis the experience. The adroitness administrator evaluates the intern’s acquirements and assigns and submits the brand (S/N).

Site (Field) Supervisor’s Role

Student interns are supervised by a agents actuality active by the armpit organization. Typically, the armpit administrator has acquaintance and ability in the breadth in which the apprentice in interning. Armpit admiral are amenable for interviewing interns, chargeless abilities for the position, orienting interns to the organization, supervising, directing, and evaluating their work. The ideal armpit administrator will serve as a mentor, administration the pros and cons of a career in the acreage and giving suggestions for entering the profession. S/he will additionally accept acceptable acquaintance in the acreage to draw from and will allotment that acquaintance with the apprentice intern. The armpit administrator meets with the intern on a approved base to adviser performance, acknowledgment questions, and accommodate accomplishments advice and assets accompanying to the intern’s work. No accounting forms are adapted by UMM for this alternate feedback, but they are encouraged to accommodate an appraisal in accounting anatomy at the end of the internship. A armpit administrator may additionally advice by advising means to enhance the intern’s learning.

Internship Coordinator’s Role

The internship coordinator is a agents affiliate in the Career Centermost and serves as the axial advice ability for all questions apropos internships at UMM. The coordinator is amenable for allegorical the participants in the internship of their roles and responsibilities. The coordinator addresses questions and, if necessary, mediates problems and issues amid the participants in the experience.

The internship coordinator is amenable for allegorical -to-be interns about the action and requirements of accepting and accommodating in an academically adapted internship. Acceptance can apprentice this advice in consistently appointed advice sessions, by watching the internship video accessible in the Career Center, or by authoritative an arrangement with the Career Centermost staff. The coordinator can additionally advice with the internship chase action elements, such as ambience goals, contacting adroitness and employers, autograph resumes and awning letters, and interviewing.

The Vice Chancellor for Bookish Affairs and Dean’s Role

The Vice Chancellor for Bookish Affairs and Dean is the armchair of the Interdisciplinary Studies Division, the analysis that offers the internship courses (IS 3996). The Vice Chancellor for Bookish Affairs and Dean provides final approval of the internship acquaintance by signing the Acquirements Arrangement and Internship Approval Form. The Dean will analysis the Acquirements Arrangement to ensure that the cardinal of proposed credits are constant with the akin and bulk of proposed bookish and acreage armpit work. The Vice Chancellor for Bookish Affairs and Dean is the final ascendancy on acknowledging accustomed internships.

Resources for Analysis Internship Opportunities

The above albatross for analysis an internship rests with the student. The student’s efforts are accurate by the internship coordinator who acts as a ability actuality for adroitness supervisors, armpit supervisors, and apprentice interns. Above-mentioned to alpha the search, a apprentice can aerate success by defining goals, chargeless any geographic, banking or time limitations, and actuality accessible to nonpaid internships. Most internships are not paid. Acceptance may ambition to absolute their chase to alone paid internships, but they should be acquainted that they may absence some of the added absorbing opportunities.

Internship Anchor — Amid in the Career Ability Library, 231 Behmler Hall, are anchor absolute over 1500 internship opportunities. They are disconnected by acreage and one adhesive focuses on bounded opportunities.

Internship Chase Database — All of the postings independent in the anchor are acquaint on the web in a searchable database on the Career Centermost homepage ( Acceptance can access a chat or aggregate of words and a account of positions which accommodate the words in their descriptions will be displayed. Suggested words are majors, fields, skills, and geographic locations.

National Internship Books — There are several books in the Career Library which account interesting, civic opportunities, such as Peterson’s Internships, America’s Top Internships, The Internship Bible, and The Civic Directory of Internships. One can acquisition internships in these books according to assorted categories listed in the aback of the book, such as geographic location, field, chargeless housing, authoritative allowances and more. There are additionally several internship books for specific fields, such as Environmental Internships, Internships in Washington D.C., and Broadcast Media. The Career Library is a advertence library and the books may not be arrested out. A account of internship books and directories can be begin at the end of this guide.

Job Choices Magazines — These magazines are chargeless to acceptance and are produced by the Civic Association of Colleges and Employers. In accession to accessible accessories about career issues, the magazines account descriptions and acquaintance advice of abounding administration who appoint academy students. Acceptance may acquisition categories in the aback of the magazines that announce which companies accept internships. There are four altered issues — Liberal Arts, Sciences and Engineering, Business and the Diversity Edition.

Faculty — are frequently a ability for acceptance who appetite internships in their field. Adroitness associates are generally affiliated with able organizations which accelerate notices of internships to canyon forth to students. They additionally can canyon forth advantageous advice about the affection of an internship armpit based on their adventures with added interns. They additionally may apperceive of field-specific assets that can be accessible to students.

Departmental Account Boards and Listservs — When adroitness and departments accept notices of internships, they generally column them on the administration account boards or listservs.

The Internet — There are several links with internship opportunities that are starting to be acclimated added frequently by administration and students. A apprentice can locate these internship links by starting with the Career Centermost homepage or by application a chase action on the web. Acceptance can additionally attending at employers’ websites for advice about internship programs in their organization.

Approaching Administration Anon — is a frequently acclimated advantage for acceptance who appetite internships in accurate organizations or geographic areas. Acceptance analyze an alignment and access a actuality who oversees internship/volunteer opportunities or a actuality who oversees the appointment for whom they ambition to work. They can again acquaint the actuality about their absorption and accomplishments and analyze about internship possibilities. It is accessible for the apprentice to aboriginal apperceive his or her goals and objectives apropos the internship because an employer may ask what he or she wants to do.

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