What is Communication Skills

Language Communication Skills

        I.      What’s Is Communication

            Communication can be define as
    1. Communication is exchange of information
    2. Communication is any behavior that results in an exchange of meanings.
    3. Communication is a mutual exchange of facts.

Characteristic of Communication

A.   Exchange of Information

People living in a community have different level of education their experience are different they work in different organization sane are loss informed,  other are more informed unless they exchange information with one another there can be no better understanding among there through exchange of information our learning becomes feasts

B.   Communication Is Behavior that’s resulting In an Exchange of Exchange of Meaning.

Behavior is the way in which we act & expect other to react when we ask some on a question, we expect an answer exchange of meaning is related to our opinion of the person whom we meet.

C.   Exchange of Facts, Experience or Emotions

Communication is the mutual exchange of information in the form of facts thoughts, experience or emotions, expressed through our behaviors by using various media.

      II.      Language Communication Skills

                                 i.            Listening Skills
                               ii.            Speaking skills
                              iii.            Reading skills
                             iv.            Writing skills

                    i.            Listening skill

There is first objective of teaching English. Here by listening, we do not mean just receiving the sound through the ear.
 In language teaching, listening mean, receiving the message through the ear with fun under standing.

                  ii.            Speaking skill
There is second skill objective of communication by speaking we do not mean merely uttering words through mouth. It means conveying the message through the words mouth.
This skill is also neglected in our class rooms.
                iii.            Reading skill
This is the third objective of teaching skill. Reading mean recognized of written words and understanding their meaning. At lower stages loved to reading is more given more importance.
At higher stage silent  reading is the main target this is the skill most needed by our students
                iv.            Writing Skill
This is forth objective of teaching English writing means the graphic representation of a language the student should be able to convey their thought through written words.
At lower stage it is mechanical just learning to write letter and word.
At the higher stage it is creative.