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Solution MGT 503

Division of work
NCC teachers are brilliant and efficient in their work.
NCC enforces that rules must be followed to ensure quality of education.
In NCC to maintain discipline there are clear rules and procedures and being part of this college, everyone is obligated to strictly follow the rules.
Unity of command
Board of governors set direction for whole organization to achieve its purpose.
Unity of direction
For unity of direction there is a regularity committee to ensure that all the rules are properly enforced.
Subordination of individual interests to the general interest
Faculty members are very devoted and dedicated to their responsibilities and are very committed to the students.
Compensation package is appreciative and based on performance, qualification and experience.
In NCC Teachers are graded by exam results as well as feedback from their students
Everyone in NCC is obligated to strictly follow the rules.
Teacher’s role is not only just to teach what they have specialized in but also they are involved in sports and other co-circular activities.
Stability of tenure of personnel
NCC offers jobs on contract basis so job-switching is highly practiced by the teachers.
National Community College (NCC) took the initiative to mould the future of nation by moulding people who will ascertain the future of people of its country
Esprit the corps
Teachers are graded by exam results as well as feedback from their students.