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“Human Resource Management (MGT501)”

Q1. In your opinion, how HR activities are different from administrative activities? (10 marks)

According to latest facts and researches an HR Manager in an organization has become a central person who must be consulted while taking any important decision regarding the organization which cause in separation of HR activities from the administrative activities.

HR activities
Administrative activities
HR sets payroll for employees.

HR help in selection and hiring

HR sets work time for employees.

HR provides compensation benefits

Hr helps in designing leaves system

HR Provide insurance coverage to employees
Administration makes sure its transfer to employees in time.
Administration helps in training and development.

Administration makes sure its implementation

Administration makes sure its transfer

Administration helps in Maintain  the leave management system
Administration helps in Maintaining the record of insurance coverage

Q2. Provide an example to explain that HR Manager must be consulted while taking any important decision. (05)

Ans 2:

In this competitive world role of HR Manager is very demanding and makes HR Manger involve in each decision of organization.
   In my views HR Manger must be consulted while taking important decision of hiring new employees because in the end these are people (employees) who make the difference. If an organization hires good, honest, educated, energetic, dedicated and experienced persons then organization will grow faster than market.