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cs101 assignments solution

Question No.1 (Marks = 10)

Compare Serial and Parallel Ports. Give any five points in tabular form.

Serial Port

Parallel Port
Transmits 1 Bit of Data at a time
Transmit Multiple Bits of Data
Works Relatively Slow
Works Relatively Fast
Male Port
Female Port
Used for Mouse, Modem, Keyboard etc.
Used mostly for Printers
Less Numbers of Wires are Used for
Many number of Wires are Used for

Ans No.2
1- Any Picture and Text password is secure identity for security. But we all know
that there are no same voices of people in the world. So We can use our Audio
Input for a high Security.
2- We can Find and write the words through Giving audio Input (Speaking) to
Computer. It is very easy for us and we can do our work without typing.